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Snow! ♥

It snowed todaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~~ <3 Yes, very, very, very early snow but snow nonetheless. x3 Hehe the leafies on the ground and snow mixed together looked cute lol. New season called Wintumn! 8D It was raining this morning and then it started lightly snowing in the later part of the afternoon. Did anyone else get any? :3

Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week. ♥
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Two rambles (Twitter and icons) xD

Random rambles are random. 8D Heeeey look a journal that's not friends-only! 8D

I'm seriously considering getting a Twitter. <33 ♥ Hee.

Aaand I might remove some of my icons to make room for new ones. ~out of space~ Made an icon of my dA ID. x3 I really adore it~ I would get a paid account but I don't have much monies in Paypal. Maybe someday. C:
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Sims 2 ♥

Dang, I've forgotten how easily you can lose track of time playing The Sims 2 because it's so addicting. OwO

Yesterday, a thought struck me, since my computer got fixed back in February, I should be able to install my Sims 2 Deluxe now. (AKA The Sims 2 + Nightlife) Back last year we had a different guy fix the same computer and I couldn't reinstall it back then because according to our computer there was not enough space, even thought there clearly was according to both our drives.

So I excitedly ran upstairs and started installing it. Once it was done I went to ModtheSims2 to go and get all my Kingdom Hearts stuff again to make My Sims become Kingdom Hearts characters~ ♥

Mrewwwwwwwwww I've missed it so much. ;W; gkfl;s;s;; I've stayed up 'till 3:00AM the past 2 days because of it. XD (I probably would have stayed up later 'cause I wasn't tired but I made myself go to bed because I knew I'd be tired in the morning.) Now I want some of the other expansion packs for it. >W< Heee~ I love The Sims so much it's so fun to play

Wow. XD I don't have a life.
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AA on DDR! ♥

~Also on dA~

I'm not sure if many of you know this but I play DDR, and have been playing for a year and a half. (Got Supernova 2 last Christmas) Well I was playing it on Friday, and guess what happened?!

♥ I got an AA. A double AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ~spazz~ ♥

I've wanted to get an AA for forever! And I finally did. I'm so proud of myself!

And the thing is...I never expected to get my first AA on Seduction (Vocal Remix) on Basic. I expected to get it on Baby's Tears on Basic, or Morning Glory on Difficult or any of my other favs on Basic/Difficult. So I'm uber happy! ♥ F.Y.I Seduction is one of my favs to dance to; I just thought I'd get my first AA on one of my other favs. And my max combo. OMFG! 223! ♥ The full combo~ <33 Not to mention the highest combo I've ever gotten! ♥ I usually get my combo's in the 100's on basic and difficult before I screw up and break them. XD

Here's 4 piccy's I put together into a collage: (Taken with my mom's digital camera. ;3)

Hehe~ Sorry for being a spazz. XD Lmao! I'm just so proud! ♥ Someday I hope that in the future that AA's, and AAA's will be more frequent as I get better and better at DDR!
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Daily ramble XD

Hey guys. ^^; Sorry I haven't updated my journal in awhile. I've been busy.

Let's see what can I ramble about today. XD When I got done watering my plants, I came inside and my pinkie got 'caught in the screen door. ;-; It hurts real bad. It's all bruised (I bruise so easily) and a lot of my skin's torn off.

My manga came today~ ♥ I'll probably read it on Friday though, because it's all three volumes in one, and I want to to take my time and stay up late to read it. Friday will be good.

I have a last and final Social Studies project that a friend and I are presenting tomorrow. My half of the project is Japan, and his half is Germany. It's a powerpoint. I'm bringing in my kinomono also to show, as well as Pocky for people to try~ ♥ I love Pocky it's ohsodelicious. X3 (Strawberry and Chocolate are the two I have right now.) And he's bringing in some cookies he made with a German recipe. Our last project's going out with a bang! =D

And....there's something else I want to say. It's been on my mind and I've got to let it out... =( Some things that have been bothering me. So yeah, if I do decide to write about it, it will be friend-locked. I've been writing so many journal entries on dA; I'd thought it be better to say it on here.  Plus I sort of wrote and entry about it before on dA..
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Birthday soooon~

My birthday's in 2 days~~~<3 (The 13th for anyone who didn't know.) Imma Friday teh 13th baby! 8D So I won't be on much Friday or Saturday since I'm a having a friend sleepover! ^^ W00t~ So yeah. Bai bai! ~flees~ I'll write about how my birthday was  of course~ But probably won't be on 'till Sunday.