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Daily ramble XD

Hey guys. ^^; Sorry I haven't updated my journal in awhile. I've been busy.

Let's see what can I ramble about today. XD When I got done watering my plants, I came inside and my pinkie got 'caught in the screen door. ;-; It hurts real bad. It's all bruised (I bruise so easily) and a lot of my skin's torn off.

My manga came today~ ♥ I'll probably read it on Friday though, because it's all three volumes in one, and I want to to take my time and stay up late to read it. Friday will be good.

I have a last and final Social Studies project that a friend and I are presenting tomorrow. My half of the project is Japan, and his half is Germany. It's a powerpoint. I'm bringing in my kinomono also to show, as well as Pocky for people to try~ ♥ I love Pocky it's ohsodelicious. X3 (Strawberry and Chocolate are the two I have right now.) And he's bringing in some cookies he made with a German recipe. Our last project's going out with a bang! =D

And....there's something else I want to say. It's been on my mind and I've got to let it out... =( Some things that have been bothering me. So yeah, if I do decide to write about it, it will be friend-locked. I've been writing so many journal entries on dA; I'd thought it be better to say it on here.  Plus I sort of wrote and entry about it before on dA..
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