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Sims 2 ♥

Dang, I've forgotten how easily you can lose track of time playing The Sims 2 because it's so addicting. OwO

Yesterday, a thought struck me, since my computer got fixed back in February, I should be able to install my Sims 2 Deluxe now. (AKA The Sims 2 + Nightlife) Back last year we had a different guy fix the same computer and I couldn't reinstall it back then because according to our computer there was not enough space, even thought there clearly was according to both our drives.

So I excitedly ran upstairs and started installing it. Once it was done I went to ModtheSims2 to go and get all my Kingdom Hearts stuff again to make My Sims become Kingdom Hearts characters~ ♥

Mrewwwwwwwwww I've missed it so much. ;W; gkfl;s;s;; I've stayed up 'till 3:00AM the past 2 days because of it. XD (I probably would have stayed up later 'cause I wasn't tired but I made myself go to bed because I knew I'd be tired in the morning.) Now I want some of the other expansion packs for it. >W< Heee~ I love The Sims so much it's so fun to play

Wow. XD I don't have a life.
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