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I was just curious if any of you had any MP3's of these 4 songs I want. I've tried looking everywhere, aguu~  but they're slippy little buggers to find. So I was just wondering if any of you had them, and if you do could you perhaps send them to me? =3 The first two I'm hoping to make vids with if I can find 'em. (Maybe even the third, who knows.) Thanks so much!! ^_^

Bounce-Thousand Foot Krutch     Trying to get this one the most. >-< I absolutely LOVE this song so much! Gah evertime I hear it I get fidgety and want to jump up and dance, or "bounce" as the song says. X3 If you have time you should seriously listen to it, no words can describe how awesome it is.

When Angels Fly Away-Cold         Such a beautiful song. Very sad though. =(

Exhibition (epoison)-Falling up <---That one's a remix.

One-Crystal Kay (Theme song of the 11th Pokemon movie) Such a pretty song. <3

Here's the links to the songs on YT:


When Angels Fly Away

Exhibition (epoison)


These songs are all so amazing; check them out if you have the time. <33
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Shaymin movie~ (Pros and cons)

This is also on my dA journal as well. =3

Nyuuu~~ So I finally so the English dub of the Shaymin movie~ <333

But here are a list of Carissa's complaints:  (Don't get me wrong I freaking loved the movie, but it did have parts I was impressed by.) YEAH FOR RANTS~~~ =D (Don't read if you do not like rants.)

1. Shaymin's voice was cute, but when it said "min" at the begining multiple times it was sort of whiny and it cracked a lot. 'Course I was used to hearing "mi" because of the Jap. version, but whatever.

2. THEY GAVE HER AN EFFING STUPID BOY VOICE FOR HER SKY FORME. I'm am absolutely sick and tired of people saying "Oh Shaymin's a girl, but her sky forme's a boy." How the freak does that make sense?!!! Oh, it's bad enough I heard that from a lot of people on deviantART, but no Nintendo had to throw it in our freaking faces too!!!!  So what if it's sky forme has a somewhat masculine appearance? That doesn't make it automatically a boy! >=(

3. Let's see...OH YEAH! Gracedia flower? What for freaking name is that?! It's Glacedia is JAPANESE! Now honestly...tell me which sounds better? =/ (And yes I'm aware the Japanese prounounce 'L's' as 'R's', but we have an L is our alphabet so why we didn't keep it that way is beyond me...)

4. Regigigas?!! I love dubs OMG, as soon as Dawn said that I burst out laughing. XD Oh, we silly Americans~~ Oh, and if you didn't get it, that is NOT the way I thought it was pronounced.

5. No desu or deshu...=( That was kind of obvious though since were not Japanese. XD

I think that's about all my ranting's~

I honestly absolutely LOVED the movie~~ <333 Just my rants kind of make it seem worse than it really is. ;P

I couldn't stop squealing through the whole thing. <333 I was snuggling up with my Sheimi's and my sissy had her Sonic with her.

I'm sure none of you knew this but....~blush~ Secretly I wanted to be the English voice for Shaymin teehee~ 'Course that was a dream that wasn't going to happen, but still..

And I want Sheimi stuffs nows~ <3  ;A; I hasn't gotten anything Shaymin related since my Skymin TOMY plush. And I still gots Christmas money~ =3 Not to mention that my birthday's in a MONTH~ <3 (March 13)

I want these two the most as of now~ <333 They're so cute, and I've wanted them since the Summer.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A2|294%3A50|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A3|294%3A50

More Sky piccy's will be in the near future~
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Great minds think a like

Okay, about a week ago I was browsing DA and I saw this:

And I'm like "Wow. That reminds me so much of Ultima." (My character for those who didn't know.) Her character a Luigia/dog hybrid, my character, Ultima, is a shadow Lugia/wolf hybrid.

Great minds think alike, no? She agreeed, and added me to my watch list, and vice-versa. Then she said this: "I'm thinking about drawing a picture with both Lugidog and Ultima in it, would that be ok?"

My reaction, "ejwsjksksls ;A; Y-y-you wou-would do a picture w-with Ultima in it?!! <333 ~has a spazz attack~ N-no one ever does fanarts of my characters unless I ask. I'll feel so honored OMG. T_T Of coarse it's okay. <33"

Yes, things like that mean so much to me. ^^ I never get gift art of my characters, unless I ask (and I know a lot of people who don't do requests, so I usually never ask anyone..) and just the fact that she WANTED to draw a pic of Luigidog and Ultima just blows me away. Things like that make me so happy, and warm my heart.

For those who don't know what Ultima looks like, her's my ref pic of her: (Excuse my crappy writing on her ref. >_<)
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Okami looks like a really good game, and I'm considering purchasing it someday in the future. ^^ But I was wondering which version is better; the Wii, or the PS2? My thoughts were the Wii since I don't have many Wii games but I heard the controls are difficult. So for those who have Okami which version is better the Wii or the PS2?